The mysterious SPQRobin

Is this the mysterious SPQrobin ?

Robin Libertatis was the founder of the first wiki nation ... known to be a leader of ample words, who, eversince, has been around watching his pupils editing, deleting, restoring and messing around.

A little bird listening to the name SPQrobin whispered to Lars Washington that Robin Libertatis, also known as SPQRobin actually contributes in a totally different area at Meta.Wikimedia where apparantly he does a lot of good work. It is obvious Lars Washington does not have a clue of what this exciting looking wiki-project is all about but he intends to visit this site regulary. One never knows, isn't it ?

Wherever mysterious Robin Libertatis is around, strange things seem to happen. On various occasions it has been suggested he is living on a secluded island, but till now only Robin Libertatis has the answer.

Robin Libertatis also seems to own a restored fishermanshouse in Emmanuelbad, the spa famous town in Ziltland.



It is said Robin Libertatis is the owner of this very special pub where the latest news and gossip [1] are being spread.

UWN and Robin LibertatisEdit

On June 10, 2008 Pierlot McCrook showed Lars Washington the way to the magical world of SPQRobin. A never ending exciting fictional journey starts from here...