This proposal and/or discussion should be moved to the Headquarters in Adlibita (see the link above).


  • Name: Proposal for the derecognition of the Vreêlandic Republic
  • Shortcut: PFTDOFVR
  • Proposer: OosWesThoesBes
  • Supporters: OosWesThoesBes
  • Opposers: /
  • Reason: Vreêland has been dead for over a week and it's worsening day by day. If you take a look at the recent changes it looks like there's still activity but this is only discussion and things which have nothing to do with WikiSteê. The last real edit has been made on 8 december by me, which was just a regular update of the VBS. The last real edit which wasn't made by me was made by RoughJustice10 on 24 November, which was actually just a page creation of a company which existed already: Abüniert Transport.


The discussion takes place at the top in Highboro, Adlibita