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The Republic of Libertas is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, where Dutch and Libertan are the official languages. With 42 users or inhabitants in september 2007 it is the largest wiki nation of the UWN. It has approximately 1000 articles. It's capital is Wikistad.

Name Edit

The name comes from Latin and means Liberty.

History Edit

Libertas has known a rich and cultural history.
They islands were for the first time inhabitated by the Romans. But after the fall of the Roman Empire the Dutch took the islands over, so in 900 AD more then 60% of the people were Dutch. The capital became an important trading market. After French and English occupation the Kingdom of Libertas declared independence, in 1616. But after a revolution in 1860 it became a republic.

There is also a big minority of Romanians in Libertas. Three kings were even from Romanian origine.

Geography Edit

There are two cities, Wikistad and Civitas Libertas. There are already 4 communes, one big separate industrial area, two agricultural regions and one ski regio in Libertas. They all make part of provinces.

Political Edit

The government has its seat on Insula Governationis, a small island in the golf of Wikistad. The president is Robin Libertatis and the vice president is Dimitri Neyt. Also others like Alexandru (RWC - WS), Martijn and Maarten are very important politicians.

Libertas was the only country of the UWN that has introduced political parties. There is a Democratic Party, a Libertan Progressive Democrats Party and a small Neo-Communists Party.

Economy Edit

Libertas its economy is the most developed one of all UWN members. There are huge companies like the Quality Holding and MenM Corp. Libertas was also the first one who introduced a stock index.

The media is the most important sector.


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