Here you can read how, what and why.

Why should I join a wiki country Edit

  • It's fun.
  • It's a project, at what you're working with others. You'll know new people.
  • Maybe you couldn't be a rich business man in real life, but here you can. Or, if you're popular you can be elected as president of your country. Or a journalist at a newspaper, or a professional footballer etc.
  • You're a "part of your own site", your building something up.

How can I join a wiki country Edit

If you don't know how the wiki system works, see our Tutorial. If you do know, read this:

  • You choose one of the wiki countries here below.
  • You go to the site.
  • You may edit everything!
  • If you've got some questions, you can ask them in a forum (see navigation) or just ask another user.

Wiki countries Edit

For the main article about the existing wiki countries, see Wiki country

Currently we have wiki countries in 4 languages. If you go to the article about the country (see below) you'll get more info and some important links. Or you can go directly to the site (click on the other link).

English Edit

Lovia, a small country in the Pacific Ocean. (site:

Nederlands Edit

Libertas, een archipel in de Atlantische Oceaan. (site:

Tutorial Edit

For the people who don't know how the wiki system works, please go to our Tutorial.